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Our Trainers

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Corey started his solid plastering career in 1994 on the Gold Coast and has 29 years of experience.

In 2010 he started assessing whilst keeping his hand in the game. Corey has specialised in microcement and venetian finishes since 2014 and has been plastering sets in the film industry since 2020.

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Daniel completed his training as a painter and decorator in Sydney in 1996, ran a successful contractor business in Melbourne and started his training career in 2007.

He is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Construction Industry Skills Council and a board member of the National Painting and Decorating Institute.

Daniel was Trainer of the Year at the NSW Training Awards in Sydney in 2015 and has trained many apprentices to become professional painters over the last 16 years.

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Andrew completed his apprenticeship in fibrous plastering in 2001. He worked in the wall & ceiling industry for 25 years and employed multiple award-winning apprentices for his own company. Andrew has been training apprentices since 2020.